Captain Atlas is a French illustrator
working with a multidisciplinary approach

Captain Atlas is a French illustrator

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Currently docked in Nantes, Captain Atlas is an illustrator specialized in the maritime world.

His colorful works originate from his sailings and memories between the Indian Ocean and the French Atlantic coast. Whether he’s racing an Imoca, anchoring in a lagoon or rowing a dinghy, Captain Atlas undoubtedly sees the world from the sea and he depicts it as he views it.

By drawing dynamic and immersive compositions, he plunges us into his drawings. He tries to include us in the stories he’s telling, making us hear the wind in the sails, feel the salt spray on our face, experience the thrill of flying above water. A deep dive into the sea world.

Captain Atlas is committed to glorifying moments of everyday life, finding beauty and poetry in even the most trivial scene. Anything turns into something outstanding, anybody becomes a hero and everything is a genuine invitation to travel. Welcome on board.



The Captain is currently docked in:

Nantes harbour, France

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